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TP103CQ-AC/DC combo is the ideal, pocket-sized charger and power supply set up to charge the 1S 3.7V LiPo batteries typically used to power ultra-micro and similar class airplanes, helicopters and other models.


Pocket-sized quad (4) port charger for 1S 3.7V ultra-micro class batteries

Four independently operating ports for charging one or up to four batteries simultaneously

Fixed 0.3-amp charge rate per port for safe and fast charging of ultra-micro class batteries

Advance multi-color LED indicators for each port along with a separate main power LED indicator

Compatible with housings and connectors typically found on ultra-micro class batteries from Thunder Power RC and other popular brands

Includes an ultra-compact 100-240V compatible AC power supply (TP1201P)

Included DC input power leads can be connected to a 12V Pb/leas acid/gel cell battery to charge on then go