• Who We Are?
Thunder Power RC has been an industry leader since 2002 as we have been one of the first companies to introduce Lithium Polymer batteries to the RC Market. We were also the first company to incorporate balance wires/plugs onto to batteries and developed on of the first balance charging systems.


  • Where is Thunder Power RC located?
Thunder Power RC is located and operated out of 6370 S Pioneer Way, STE 108
Las Vegas, NV 89113. We build all of our batteries here in house prior to shipping.


  • What makes Thunder Power RC unique compared to other brands?
Thunder Power RC builds all of their batteries here in house in the USA. We design and optimize our batteries to their specific and expected application.
By building our product here in the USA we have a very hands on Quality control and we are firm believers that not all cells will match up with others the same therefor we hand pick the raw cells we see will pair up with the other cells based off voltages and internal resistance to insure all the cells in the battery pack will perform and age identically.


  • What is taking my order so long to ship?
We build all of our batteries here in house and website showing “In Stock” means we have all the materials on hand to assemble this battery.
In some cases we might have this specific battery sitting on the shelf and could be shipped out earlier than expected.
During sales or busy flying seasons some back log is expected due to the build time that is required to assemble batteries.


  • What does C rating mean?
C rating is discharge rating. This value could be multiplied by the amp hour of the battery. (3000mAh would be a 3 Amp Hour pack) meaning if the battery is rated to 20C then the math would be 3x20=60 meaning the battery is rated for 60A discharge.
C rating could be affected by multiple things such as Connector, Ventilation, poor solder joints and incorrect wire gauge.


  • Continues C rating vs Burst C rating?
Continuous C rating stands for the amp draw the battery could handle up to on normal application.
Burst C Rating is the amp draw battery can handle up to 5 seconds.


  • How do I know the right C rating for my application?

Picking the right C rating battery for your application sounds complicated at time but it is fairly an easy process but first you need to understand your application.
Some applications have a very easy not aggressive amp draw spikes no high amp draw. Those applications would benefit from a medium C rating such as our ProLite X line which is designed to provide power and be as light as possible for such application making it a popular choice for sport flying and for the efficient power systems such found on Pattern planes and some of the ready to go out of the box planes.

Some application use a slightly more aggressive amp draw like most 3D Planes and Helis and other aggressive power hungry power systems and such systems would benefit from our Elite 55C packs as they are designed to provide power and hardly no voltage sag under such higher amp draw application. Our Elite 55C packs have been a very popular choice for all the Gas to Electric power conversions and the high demand 3D helis.

All of the high performance applications such as High Speed EDF, hardcore Heli 3D Flying, High performance gliders and other demanding application that would require no compromise on power would require high C rating batteries such as our Rampage High Discharge and our Adrenaline battery lines. Those applications normally demand maximum amp draw and tend to have a very aggressive fluctuating amp draw curve.


  • What is the best way to dispose a bad battery?
Safest way to dispose of a Lithium Polymer batter is to soak it in salt water for at least 2 weeks. By doing so you will completely discharge the cells and after it is safe for the recycle bins.


  • What is the best way to contact Thunder Power RC?
Best way to reach us is by email or phone.

Sales@thunderpowerrc.com or Support@ThunderPowerRC.com and (702) 228-8883


  • Where can I get Thunder Power RC Batteries in Europe?
Thunder Power RC has a few Europeans distributers around Europe.
  1. Drone Is Life in the UK
  2. West London Models in the UK
  3. Brack CH in Switzerland.


  • Who is the Owner of Thunder Power RC
Charlie Wang is the owner & CEO of Thunder Power RC and is also the brains behind some of Thunder Power RC innovations over the history of the company.


  • How does Thunder Power RC ship out their products?
Thunder Power RC currently is only using UPS to ship all of their products.

  • Sponsorship contact?
Please do not hesitate to contact us at Team@thunderpowerrc.com regarding our sponsorship program.


  • I would like to place an international order?
Currently our website is only set up to ship within US, Canada and Mexico and if you wish to arrange a shipment outside of those countries please send your inquiry to sales@thunderpowerrc.com and we will work on a price quote for you to review.