Return Form

Thank you for purchasing a Thunder Power RC product. Occasionally, there may be a need to warranty, service, repair or replace a Thunder Power RC product. An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number must first be issued authorizing the return. To start the process fill out the form below.  Once your request is received and reviewed for authorization, approved requests will receive an RMA#.  RMA # will be received via email, along with the complete shipping and labeling instructions. Receipts are required in the warranty process, if a receipt is not available you may not be able to take advantage of the full product warranty.  By submitting the completed form below, you verify all information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

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If you have more than one item you must fill out another RMA form
If battery is not listed, please enter appropriate battery type and list model # in decription below
If you selected a charger, please indicate the version of software that is currently installed
Attach Receipt - It may not be possible to take advantage of the full product warranty without receipt.