Software For TP820CD

TP820 Update Instructions


Reading the instructions is necessary to understand how to use the TPRC CUI and which version Firmware to use when updating your charger.

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TP820CD Calibration Instructions

Reading the instructions is necessary to understand how to re-calibrate and or if it is necessary. Re-calibrating your charger back to proper charging specifications may be necessary. We only recommend re-calibrating if you see more than 1% difference in reading between the charger and a good DVM.

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Charger User Interface

V3.1 CUI is required to update firmware on your charger. This is required along with the driver.(updated 1/14/2013). This is a zip file. A zip extraction program is needed to extract the CUI.exe file

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CP210x VCP Windows Driver

This is the driver needed for the 3.1 CUI Interface. You will install this after installing the CUI program, before you connect the USB cable to the charger. This is a zip file. A zip extraction program is needed to extract the CUI.exe file.

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TP820CD v4.34 Update

V4.34 is the actual program file. It will have a .tp extension that the CUI program looks for. (updated 1/14/2013). This is a zip file. A zip extraction program is needed to extract the software update.

Firmware V4.34 will update the following:

  • Fixes bug that could cause over charging
  • Fix extended charge times on high IR battery packs
  • Full live battery and individual cell voltages on screen
  • Fix Pb charge mode early termination on larger amp hour batteries
  • Added battery pack and individual cell calibration mode.

Firmware V4.30 will update the following:

  • Moved pack total voltage to main screen
  • During Charge and Discharge cell count is displayed
  • Individual cell screen displayed after error message
  • Max Internal temp cut off raised to 90*C/194*F
  • Charge rate drops 15% when internal temp reached 82*C/179*F
    • Will continue charging at lower rate or until reaches 90*C/194*F, it will then pause until charger reaches 64*C/147*F then resume.
  • Balance On/Off locked out for cells count 5S-8S
  • Increase capacity to 99Ah
  • Charge Capacity limit raised to 125%
  • Individual cell voltage more than .30V will go into EB mode
  • Individual cell voltage more than .40V will not charge, error message to “battery needs service” / next shows individual cell screen
  • Balance Mode Only – charger will balance battery while hooked up and showing cell balance screen. Small dots will flash next to cells being balanced. Fan will run at low speed.
  • Pb battery setting changed to voltage, not cells
  • Pb charge and discharge table modified to give wider range of limits per voltage settings
  • Charger input voltage set above actual input, charger will no long show message and lock up. It will show message and allow user to change setting. However charger will not allow any functions until settings are corrected.
  • Bug in display when charging corrects display reading
  • Widened range at which Pb mode will charge 6/12/18 cell Pb
  • LiPo Charge mode modifies CC to CV
  • Pb Charge mode modifies input to avoid premature reading charging complete.
  • Update modifies the Charge, Discharge, and Storage modes.
  • The fan will no longer run continuously in discharge mode after discharge is complete.
  • Fixes 1S charge where it would go to CC to EB mode. Because it is a 1S battery there is no balance charge.
  • Reduces charge current during discharge to keep form constantly going into pause until temp drops.
  • Eliminates charger lock up or delay while checking IR
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