Software For TP610C & TP610-ACDC


  • All nomenclature that said "A123" now says "LiFe"
  • Minimum charge current changed to 0.1A.
  • NiMH/NiCd Delta V rose to 15mV for NiMH and 30mV for NiCd, less false peaking.
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  • No checking or confirmation of connection to the internal balancer is required when charging 1S 3.7V cells/batteries as balancing is not necessary/possible.
  • The profile when charging 1S 3.7V cells/batteries has been updated to further optimize charge time, termination voltage and capacity for better charger and cell/battery performance.
  • Along with the 'LiPo CHG Option' (LCO) selections of FAST charge, 50% storage, 95% charge and 100% charge modes, an additional and separate menu option feature listed as 'COMPETITION CAR MODE' (CCM) has been added. When CCM is turned ON the profiles for the constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) phases of the charge process have been further optimized to ensure that the charge capacity/voltage of the battery is at the safest maximum allowable specs authorized by many racing organizations (and does not charge the cell/battery beyond 100% capacity/voltage)

    CCM Mode is only active when turned ON and when charging 1S 3.7V to 4S 14.8V batteries (not 5S 18.5V and 6S 22.2V batteries). Also, when CCM is turned on it will take precedence over any LCO that has been selected. For example, if CCM is turned on and LCO selection has been set to 50% Storage the cell/battery will still be charged fully using the optimized CC/CV profile. As a result we recommend that CCM is turned on only when needed and if charging cells/batteries for use in competition car/truck/buggy racing. It is not necessary to use CCM when charging batteries for any other applications.
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